This aqua tea cup has been beautifully hand crafted in Japan. Perfect to use with your favourite tea.  Pair with Aqua Teapot to make a set. Includes 1x tea cup.

Capacity 160ml - one cup per purchase

Aqua & Dark Green

Dimensions 7.5cm diameter x 6.5cm height 
Origin Handmade in Japan
Product Care

Teapots will last forever if they are looked after with care.

Please Remember the following with your teapot;

Don’t use it in an oven.
Don’t use overly abrasive cleaners – save the scourer for your pots.
Don’t “temperature shock” your tableware, i.e. switch rapidly between cold and hot temperatures, it can cause things to crack.
Don’t drop the tableware, it can break

Can be used in the dishwasher, carefully stacked