Suitable for everyday tea drinking this is the emperor of green teas, hand picked, deep steamed and carefully dried right after harvest in a tradition style. The aroma is sweet and herbaceous from the long emerald tea leaves. It has a slightly sweet flavour that will linger with you long after sipping the tea. The balance of sweet and salty is reminiscent of fresh cut grass and seaweed. Rich in vitamin C, perfect in the afternoon.  

When brewing Sencha, don’t overheat the water – steep the leaves at 80-85ºC for around 20 seconds. A nice short brew really boosts that sweet aroma. Longer steeping (up to 90 seconds) can bring out Sencha’s lingering bitterness and intensify the flavour, but like anything, it’s down to personal taste. 


Growing Type Organic
Cups per packet

Sencha can be steeped 3 times from the one serve. 

20gm: Makes up to 10 cups

50gm: Makes up to 25 cups

200gm: Makes up to 100 cups

How to brew
  1. Steep a tsp per cup for 2-3 mins in 85-90 deg; C water. Best had without milk.
Ingredients Organic Sencha Green Tea
Origin China
Packaging Sealed in airtight home compostable bags.
How to store Store below 18c in a dry place, out of light.