I've bundled the perfect package for you, or your partner to enjoy. A cute two cup red cast iron teapot with the Moutere Breakfast tea blend. Filled with Black Assam, Silver Needle and rose petals for that special touch. Sit back, relax and enjoy a great kapu tī.


1x Red cast iron teapot

(Pease message me if you'd like to swap to a tan teapot for the same price) Tan Teapot

1x Moutere Breakfast Tea 20gm

 Moutere Breakfast Tea A luxurious twist of Black Assam, sweet floral notes from vanilla bean, smooth and delicate honey flavour from Silver Needle, all tied together with rose petals. Perfect served with friends over brunch, afternoon tea or whenever you need to treat yourself with some ‘me time’. Brewing guide: 1-2 teaspoons per cup brewed for 3 minutes at 90 degrees. Steep longer or less depending on your personal taste.
Red Cast Iron Teapot Traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies this cast iron teapot not only look great on the shelf but they hold the heat and retain tea flavours perfectly. Perfect for boiled water to steep tea, comes with a mesh infuser or remove and let your loose tea float. Best with loose tea.