Reducing waste and protecting our Whenua has been part of my life. When I started Tī Ani I could have gone for the cheap and fast options for profit but it didn't sit well with me at all. The only choice I have without a doubt is to stand up and make a difference.

We often have the best intentions to buy sustainably and to reduce our waste, but sometimes we full short and revert to what is easy. If we don't make changes now our planet will suffer, more than it already has. Papatūānuku (Mother Earth) will provide food, health and resources if we take care of her. 

Sourcing the right sustainable materials hasn't been easy but I'm determined to find better solutions. Sourcing the right teas however, has been easy for me. I knew a long time ago that I only wanted wild and organic. To do this I've aligned myself with reputable organic and wild-crafted suppliers around the world and New Zealand. Some wild teas are harvest by myself and whanau, I don't hold a lot of stock with these teas so they usually sell out pretty quick. I'll be notifying customers via newsletter when these are ready to purchase so you may not see them online. 

Ti Ani Compostable Packaging

Tākai / Packaging

Packaging can be home composted, reused or recycled. I'm currently looking for compostable labels. 

Remove the labels ,then;

  • Reuse
    • Restocking your tea stores
    • Spices
    • DIY crafts
  • Compost
    • If you absolutely have no more need for these bags, the worms in your compost will. The heat in your compost will break them down so by the time the worms get to them it's nice and soft. 
  • Recycle
    • Although I think recycling isn't always 'recycling', at least these bags will break down in the large land fills.