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Rongoā Rakau - The Healing Powers of Nature

Tī Ani is a small tea shop based in Ōtautahi, Aotearoa, focused on teas for health and wellbeing, particularly Rongoā Rakau. We uphold Tikanga Māori principles in our harvesting process, ensuring respect and sustainability. Our harvesting and drying take place in Te Waipounamu (the South Island of Aotearoa).

We embrace the healing tradition of Rongoā Rakau while also offering a selection of international teas. Our commitment to promoting health and well-being extends globally as we curate teas from diverse cultures. Each tea is carefully sourced, ensuring sustainability and ethical practices. Whether you prefer the therapeutic benefits of Rongoā Rakau or wish to explore international flavours, we invite you on a journey of wellness and discovery through the world of tea.

Our teas are harvested from the wild or certified organic.

A Natural Path to Health and Wellbeing

People have been drinking tea all of the world for centuries. Plants have benefits that can boost your immune system, increase energy, reduce inflammation and so much more. Some teas provide more benefits than others but there is plenty of evidence that shows drinking tea is good for your overall health. With this comes caution, some teas use artificial flavours or added sugar. Some teas can become detrimental to your health if consumed longer than suggested. Always read the warnings and listen to what your body is telling you. If in doubt contact us.

Featured Teas

Rangitaki - Blog

Horopito - Pseudowintera colorata

Horopito - Pseudowintera colorata

Horopito tea has emerged as a potential ally in the battle against candida overgrowth. Polygodial's antimicrobial properties make it a formidable contender in managing candida-related issues. By incorporating Horopito tea into their routines, some individuals have reported relief from symptoms associated with candida overgrowth.
black tea nz

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Having Black Tea Everyday

Tea is considered the second most consumed beverage after water in the world. Though tea comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, it has a different type, aroma, flavours, and taste. Additionally, there are different ways through which they are harvested and processed. However, one of the most popularly consumed tea types all around the world is black tea. 
kawakawa tea NZ

All about Kawakawa Tea: Why it’s beneficial for your health.

Kawakawa tea takes away the spotlight. The entire plant of kawakawa is a remedy! It can provide a different course of action to help cure several health conditions. Kawakawa tea has a variety of active ingredients which makes them one of the most powerful herbal teas. The benefits are countless!

About Us

My first memory with tea was in our family farm shed, late 70's, I would have been about 5 years old. My parents owned a hop farm in Upper Moutere and employed 20 or so people each harvest season. My job was to help my mother make the cuppa tea for staff. The loose tea arrived in Choysa branded wooden boxes, lids nailed down. (These boxes were always reused, at one stage in my life, 80's and 90's, I stored my tape collections in them but mostly they were used as toolboxes for nuts and bolts on the farm).

When opening the box for the first time, little did I know this would be an everlasting fond memory. Being the first to get a whiff of the sweet Earl Grey was exciting. I'd scoop the tea into the large metal teapots then my mother would pour hot water from the urns into them, we'd let it sit. We’d set all of the different shaped teacups on the Formica tables and pour tea for all of the workers.  It was a pleasant experience and I enjoyed watching the workers choose their cup.  

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