* AVAILABLE NOW * Sample Packs

We created these little sample packs to make it easier for you. Convenient 1-2 serve depending on how strong you like your tea. Some teas can be infused more than once, especially the Oolongs. This is because my teas are organic or wild-crafted meaning they are full of flavour.

You can purchase individually or we can bundle into a group (20) for the full bundle experience.

Do you know what teas can be infused more than once? Click on the Sample link to read more and to view all of the sample packs available.


Buying sustainable products can be difficult when our options are limited, It's frustrating to see brands using plastics, non-disclosed ingredients & haven't ethically sourced their product. I've made it my goal to ensure Tī Ani is a sustainable business with ethical practices. Tea's are sourced from organic and wild farms in Aotearoa and around the world. Picked with care and packed into compostable packaging. I may not have all the right solutions at this moment but know that like you I'm doing everything I can to ensure Papatūānuku (Mother Earth) is healthy and protected.