New for tea lovers


Buying sustainable products can be difficult when our options are limited, It's frustrating to see brands using plastics, non-disclosed ingredients & haven't ethically sourced their product. I've made it my goal to ensure Tī Ani is a sustainable business with ethical practices. Tea's are sourced from organic and wild farms in Aotearoa and around the world. Picked with care and packed into compostable packaging. I may not have all the right solutions at this moment but know that like you I'm doing everything I can to ensure Papatūānuku (Mother Earth) is healthy and protected. 

Whats blending in the kitchen?

Kawakawa has been a traditional healing plant for my Māori ancestors, with a long list of beneficial properties internally, externally and spiritually. Māori wahine (woman) would keep the Kawakawa plants in her bed to improve fertility. Although I can't claim fertility I can offer a fresh new blend using a combination of traditions. Hand-picked Kawakawa from Aotearoa, Green Tea from China using ancient methods. Then I've added Ginger, an ancient tradition from India. This is a robust, refreshing and beneficial tea blend. I absolutely love this in the morning, it kicks me into gear for a busy day ahead.