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Tea is considered the second most consumed beverage after water in the world. Though tea comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, it has a different type, aroma, flavours, and taste. Additionally, there are different ways through which they are harvested and processed. However, one of the most popularly consumed tea types all around the world is black tea. 

Almost 80 % of the world population consumes black tea every day!

  • Black tea contains antioxidants and compounds that can help reduce inflammation and stress in your body. 
  • Black tea is popularly known for its caffeine content. As compared to white or green tea, it contains more caffeine, but lesser than coffee. 
  • Black tea leaves are produced in different parts of the world - India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Kenya. 
  • At Ti Ani, our most popular black teas include Dianhong Maofeng, French Earl Grey, Black Assam and Moutere Breakfast. Shop black teas here.
  • What makes black tea different from other tea types is the way it is processed. 
  • Unlike green and white tea, black tea is first fermented and oxidised during the processing stage. 

7 Health Benefits of Black Tea

1. Reduces Risks of Diabetes

According to the Ministry of Health NZ, over 250,000 people in New Zealand have been diagnosed with diabetes and most of them are Type 2 diabetes. Various researches and studies have proved that drinking black tea can help reduce the risks of Type 2 diabetes. Black tea has catechins and theaflavins which acts as an antioxidant that can help prevent such diseases.

2. Boosts Your Immunity

Since black tea is rich in antioxidants, it can help prevent even the deadliest health diseases. Oxygen radicals can quickly mutate your DNA and interrupt the whole functioning of your body cells. These oxygen radicals can cause inflammation, putting your body in a vulnerable position. One of the easiest and natural ways to prevent body inflammation and boost your immunity is by consuming one cup of black tea every day.

3. Aids in Healthy Gut

A healthy gut is a key to a healthy and happy body. The body's gut acts as a barrier against all bacteria and viruses. It will help barricade you from health diseases, disorders, and complications. Drinking black tea can help improve or increase good microbes in your gut, resulting in a lesser risk of any digestive related problems. Black tea contains Polyphenols that produce good gut bacteria. 

4. Can potentially assist with the management of weight loss.

Can black tea assist in weight loss? Potentially. One of the most common reasons for heart diseases and complications is obesity. If you are looking to manage your weight and want to include a beverage that doesn't have sugar and fats, drinking black is a good option to complement a healthy diet. Black tea contains 0% fat, which only adds to its benefit of consuming it regularly.

5. Reduces Stress

With black tea, bid a farewell to your stress. Studies reveal that black tea contains a de-stressing agent that can help relax your nerves and reduce stress hormones in your body. Working in an office or running your business can be stressful. So whenever you feel stress or overwhelmed, take a few sips of black tea and relax. 

6. Fewer Skin Complications

Wondering what are the benefits of black tea for skin? The antioxidants in black tea help prevent your body from developing skin cancer, reduces the risk of blemishes, regenerates new skin, and protects your skin from UV radiation.

7. Aids Better Hair Growth

The benefits of black tea are not limited to consumption. Black tea has also been proven to aid better hair growth when you apply it to your hair. Within two weeks of applying black tea to your hair, you will witness a visible difference in its growth. 

black tea new zealand

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April 26, 2021 — Annette Eggers

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