Kaupapa is a Māori term that encompasses a set of guiding principles, values, and beliefs that shape actions and decisions. It reflects the collective identity and aspirations of individuals, families, communities, or organisations. Kaupapa is deeply rooted in Māori culture and emphasises cultural integrity, holistic well-being, sustainable practices, and the interconnectedness of whānau (family), whenua (land), and whakapapa (genealogy). It provides a compass for navigating and fostering positive change within communities, promoting inclusivity, and nurturing relationships. Kaupapa empowers individuals and communities to define their own pathways and goals while honouring cultural heritage and working towards intergenerational well-being.


Reducing waste:

By choosing sustainable packaging, we actively contribute to reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact caused by excessive packaging materials. It's a small step that can make a big difference in preserving our planet.

Protecting our Whenua:

Our commitment to sustainable packaging goes hand in hand with protecting our Whenua (land). By opting for eco-friendly packaging solutions, we safeguard the natural resources and ecosystems that sustain us, ensuring a healthier and more vibrant environment for future generations.

Making a difference:

In a world driven by profit and convenience, choosing sustainable packaging is an opportunity to stand up and make a positive impact. It's a statement of integrity and a demonstration of our dedication to creating a better, more sustainable future.

Nourishing Papatūānuku (Mother Earth):

When we take care of our planet, it reciprocates by providing us with food, health, and vital resources. Sustainable packaging choices enable us to maintain a harmonious relationship with Papatūānuku, ensuring that she continues to sustain us and future generations.

Exceptional teas:

Alongside our commitment to sustainable packaging, we take great pride in sourcing exceptional teas. By aligning ourselves with reputable organic and wild-crafted suppliers worldwide, including those in New Zealand, we offer you the finest teas that are both wild and organic. These teas, carefully harvested by ourselves and our whanau, provide a unique and captivating experience that connects you to the wonders of nature.

Exclusive offerings:

Our dedication to wild teas means that their availability is limited, making them highly sought after. By subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive exclusive notifications about these rare teas before they are sold out. This allows you to secure your purchase and savour the distinctive flavours and aromas that only these teas can offer.


Tui Ti Ani - Wild & Organic Tea