Tākai (Packaging): Our packaging is designed with sustainability in mind, offering options for easy disposal and reuse.
  • Home Compostable: Our packaging can be composted at home, contributing to nutrient-rich soil for your plants. We are actively seeking compostable labels to further enhance the eco-friendliness.
  • Reuse: Don't discard the packaging just yet! There are multiple ways to give it a second life:
    • Restock your tea stores: Refill the bags with your favourite teas for future use. Remember you can purchase pouches and top up your cube when needed. 
    • DIY crafts: Get creative and repurpose the packaging for various craft projects, transforming it into something useful. 
  • Compost: If you find yourself with no further use for the packaging, fear not! It can be safely added to your compost pile.
    • Composting worms love it: The heat in your compost will break down the packaging, making it soft and perfect for composting worms to consume.
    • Cut into strips to make it easier to break down in your compost
  • Recycle: While recycling practices can vary, our packaging is designed to break down in landfills, minimizing its environmental impact even if it ends up in a traditional recycling system.

Choose our Tākai packaging and embrace a sustainable approach that offers flexibility in disposal, encourages reuse, and minimizes waste in the most environmentally friendly ways possible.