A fragrant and delicate tea using the finest jasmine flowers infused into green tea.  The process starts by picking tea leaves in early spring when at their freshest and most delicate. Dried naturally in warm air, they are then stored until the Jasmine blossoms are at their peak and ready to be harvested. They are picked during the hottest time of summer when the blossoms are tightly closed against the sun. As they cool, they burst open creating a fragrant aroma.

It's a perfect match with the tea leaves absorbing the delicious scent of the Jasmine flower. Although a very natural process, it's very laborious. This flower is not only the symbol of forever love but also one of the holy flowers of Buddhism. To welcome your whānau and friends into your home, offer a Jasmine tea.  

Growing Type Organic
Cups per packet

 Japanese Green Tea can be steeped 1-4 times from the one serve. 

20gm: Makes up to 10 cups

50gm: Makes up to 25 cups

How to brew
  1. 1-2 teaspoons per 250mls, brewed for 30 seconds - 1 minute at 80 degrees. 
Ingredients Organic Green Tea
Origin China
Packaging Sealed in airtight home compostable bags.
How to store Store below 18c in a dry place, out of light.