Rolled by hand, this premium Oolong tea is one of the most popular Oolong across the globe. Also known as Tiegwuanuin, this tea originated in the 19th century in Anxi, Fujian (China). The processing of Tieguanyin tea is complex and requires expertise. Even if the tea leaf is of high raw quality and is plucked at the ideal time, if it is not processed correctly, its true character will not be shown. 

Crafted in the traditional style, with medium oxidation and moderate roasting. This carefully managed process creates a smooth palate that exudes aromas of roasted buckwheat that transforms into a gardenia and honeysuckle like flavours ending with a subtle apricot aftertaste.

Growing Type Organic
Cups per packet

Oolong can be steeped 5-6 times from the one serve. 

20gm: Makes up to 16 cups

50gm: Makes up to 40 cups

250gm: Makes up to 125 cups

How to brew
    1. 1-2 teaspoons per cup
    2. First Steep, use boiling water, rinse the leaves briefly and pour the water off. This will awaken the leaves.
    3. Re-infuse and steep for 2 mins, taste and steep for longer if you prefer a stronger brew
    Ingredients Organic Oolong tea
    Origin China
    Packaging Sealed in airtight home compostable bags.
    How to store Store below 18c in a dry place, out of light.